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Episode 10: Email Marketing Strategies For New (and Mature) Stores

November 13, 2018 / Chris Lema


In previous episodes, we have talked about why Store Builders should expand their service offerings beyond just the strategy, design, and development stages. Ultimately, your clients quantify the value of their relationship with you by the number of sales they generate through their store.
If you want to make yourself indispensable, you have to add value at multiple levels of the business and position yourself as close to revenue-generating activities as you possibly can. There aren’t many better ways to do that in the eCommerce space than to become an email marketing expert.
In this episode, we share our best advice and resources for increasing conversions and generating more sales through email marketing.
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You’ll get actionable advice related to:
  • Why email marketing strategy and execution is an attractive service to offer
  • Some of the common implementations of email marketing in the eCommerce space
  • What tools you should research, experiment with, and become well-versed in
  • A specific case study of the dramatic difference between entry-level and advance email marketing tactics