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phplist's affordable shared and reseller plans all support phplist, the popular open-souce mail list manager. Phplist is a PHP program that uses MySQL as a database back-end for storing information. It is a web-based application that allows users to subscribe to mailing lists, and allows the administrator to manage these lists and send out e-mail to large numbers of subscribers.

Phplist is a one-way e-mail list system, meaning that it does not support two-way e-mail discussion lists, but is instead geared towards sending newsletters, announcements, notifications, etc. to large numbers of reciptients. The system also tracks the number of e-mails received, as well as some idea of how many were opened and viewed. It supports HTML e-mail messages.

Getting Help with your phpList hosting

If you run into any problem setting up or using phplist on your Nexcess hosting account, feel free to open a ticket, and one of our support techs will get in touch - 24/7!