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PEAR and PECL Web Hosting

All Nexcess shared hosting and reseller plans support PEAR and PECL . If you're having problems using PEAR or PECL on your hosting account, please submit a ticket and we'll help you out.

About PEAR and PECL

PEAR stands for PHP Extension and Application Repository . PEAR is a system that allows easy distribution of PHP code packages. Like CPAN for Perl , PEAR allows developers to easily reuse others' code. PECL stands for PHP Extension Community Library and is a similar system that contains C code used to extend PHP's functionality.

PEAR includes a large number of PHP components for many different common problems/scenarios - including authentication, database tools, Gtk, networking, file formats, validation tools, etc.

For more information on PEAR and PECL:

As always, feel free to access our knowledgeable support team if you run intro trouble by opening a ticket .