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Formmail Web Hosting

Formmail is fully supported by every Nexcess shared hosting account. Our servers are configured from day 1 to support the Formmail script and we can help you install it on your Web hosting account and get the basics up and running.

About Formmail

Formmail is a script that will collect data input into a web form and e-mail the results to an e-mail address that you specify. The Formmail script was originally created by Matt Wright of Matt's Script Archive . It was later rewritten by nms , a group of Perl and CGI developers active in the Perl community for many years. Formmail has several very useful features that are easy to implement, including:

Getting Help With Formmail

If you're having problems getting Formmail up and running with your hosting account just open a ticket and we'll help you get things sorted out as quickly as possible.

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