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FFMpeg Web Hosting

FFmpeg Hosting is supported on all Nexcess Web hosting plans. All of our servers are capable of running FFmpeg, and we can help you get it set up on your hosting account.

About FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a collection of software that can be used to manipulate digital video and audio in a variety of ways. It is popular for its ability to allow a website to automatically convert uploaded video to a more useful format. For example, if you want to offer your users the ability to share videos, you will need FFmpeg to convert their video to whatever format you will user on your website - or force them to convert the video to the appropriate format itself.

FFmpeg supports a large number of video formats thorugh the use of different codecs. It can be used to support streaming of audio or video over the web, and can also be used to capture and encode real time video coming from a TV card or other source.

Getting Help with FFmpeg Hosting

If you need help getting FFmpg installed on your Nexcess hosting account, open a ticket , and we'll get you sorted out right away!

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