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Drupal Web Hosting

Drupal is a popular, free framework or content management system (CMS). Like other content management systems, Drupal allows the user to easily administer a website - making it easier to create and organize content, easily make organizational or design changes across the whole site, etc. It allows for easy management of visitor comments and other contributions to the site.

Drupal hosting allows you to easily create a blog or forum. It is also very modular and customizeable, which means that you adapt it to just about any kind of website required. There's a wide selection of free modules that allow you to extend the capabilities of drupal - including eCommerce modules, tools to integrate with Amazon, CRM modules, etc.

Getting help with Drupal hosting at Nexcess

Because Drupal is a standard LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) application, all Nexcess hosting services support Drupal from the start. If you run into problems with your Drupal-powered website please submit a support ticket and one of our 24/7 support techs will help you out!

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