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Django Web Hosting

Django is fully supported by every Nexcess shared hosting account . Our servers are configured from day 1 to support the Django framework and we can help you install it on your Web hosting account and get the basics up and running.

About Django

Django is a web framework written in Python that is geared toward rapid web application development but in a structured and efficient manner. Developing web applications can be a tedious process often with large redundant portions where code isn't (or isn't efficiently) reused. Django provides mechanisms to generate admin sections for back-end editing and publishing automatically. This takes out much of the tedious working and re-working that go into building a well-rounded web app. Beyond these features, Django provides a robust set of tools for any web developer to quickly build a feature-rich application including:

Getting Help With Django

If you're having problems getting Django up and running with your hosting account just open a ticket and we'll help you get things sorted out as quickly as possible. If you're having problems with a Django feature or getting a custom script to work we may be able to help you but we ask that you first consult the Django documentation and frequently asked questions . The Django project is well documented and they went as far as to publish an online book to help out users of the software