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Coppermine Web Hosting

Coppermine is a popular, powerful and free software package that allows you to easily host image galleries on your website. Nexcess has a wide variety of Web hosting services - nearly all of which fully support Coppermine.

Coppermine allows you to upload photos to your web server via an easy web interface, or through FTP. Photos can be organized categories and albums, and thumbnails and intermediate photo sizes are automatically created. Coppermine also features a user permissions system, which allows you to restrict access to certain galleries to a certain user or group group of users. There are many, many more features to Coppermine, which makes it one of the most popular photo gallery applications around!

Getting help with your Coppermine Hosting

If you need help getting Coppermine set up on your Nexcess hosting account, or run into trouble once it's been installed - just submit a support ticket , and one of our knowledgeable support techs will get in touch!

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