Magento Alarmbell

A Magento Security Extension

What is Alarmbell?

Developed by Nexcess engineers, Alarmbell is an open source extension that logs and sends notifications whenever a new admin user is created in Magento. Alarmbell logs the IP and account information of any attempt to make changes to admin users, including their creation, deletion, and modification. We built Alarmbell to work with your organization. Alarmbell offers fully configurable notification emails to help immediately notify the right people about any changes to a store's admin users.
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All create, edit, and delete actions on admin user records are logged to the standard system.log; IP address and account information of any user making such changes are recorded.

All successful and unsuccessful admin login attempts are logged to the standard system.log with that user’s IP address and username.

Can be enabled and disabled as needed.

Can be configured to send customized email alerts.

More Information

Alarmbell is hosted on Github. If you want to fork Alarmbell, feel free. We’re happy to consider pull requests from members of the Magento developer community.

Installation instructions and a setup guide can be found here.

In partnership with Human Element, we've also released Sentry, a two-factor authentication extension for Magento that enables Magento users to increase the security of the their stores.