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How to configure teams in the Client Portal

September 08, 2019

How to create, edit, delete, and assign teams in the Client Portal.

But first...

Creating teams

Your Client Portal uses three default roles: Superuser, Billing, and Technical. Some also have Affiliate. If you prefer, you can create your own teams and associated permissions by using the method below. Alternatively, you can modify your Billing and Technical teams by following the instructions provided in the Editing and deleting teams section below.

  1. Log into your Client Portal.

  2. From the <Your Name> list on the upper right, select Team
  1. To create a new team, click Create A Team

  2. Enter the Team Name and assign Notifications. Select the View,  Edit, or Delete checkbox for each area as appropriate. If you do not select a check box, the team has no access to that area. Click Add when done.

Editing and deleting teams

ATTENTION: You cannot alter Superuser permissions, though you may choose which notifications the Superuser receives.

  1. Log into the Client Portal.

  2. From the <Your Name> list on the upper right, select Team
  3. To edit a team, locate your chosen role and click the orange edit icon. To delete a team, click the trash can icon
  4. If you chose delete, then confirm when prompted. If you chose edit, you may now edit the role name, change notifications, or change permissions; click Save when done.

    ATTENTION: You may not delete the Superuser role or its permissions, though you may designate which notifications the Superuser (and any other team) will receive.

Assigning teams

ATTENTION: Use care when designating team members as a Superuser role, which has unrestricted access to all permissions. 

You assign teams upon user creation, but you may edit user's team assignments at any time.

  1. Log into the Client Portal.

  2. From the <Your Name> list on the upper right, select Team
  3. In the Users section, locate the relevant user, then click the corresponding orange edit icon.
  4. The user’s current role will be marked by a toggle and listed in the Belongs To Team(s) field. Assign one or more roles by clicking on each role.

  5. Click Save. 

Resetting passwords

It is not possible to reset another team password. To reset a password, that team member must follow the instructions provided in How to change your Client Portal password.

For 24-hour assistance any day of the year, contact our support team by email or through your Client Portal.

Jason Dobry