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How to cancel a Nexcess service

September 08, 2019

How Superusers on a Nexcess account can use their Client Portal to request a cancellation of a specific Nexcess service.

But first...

You need your Client Portal username and password. If you cannot locate this information, click Forgot Password? on the Client Portal login page or contact our support team.


  • This article details how to cancel a particular service with Nexcess, such as a CDN. It does not show how to cancel your account. To cancel your account, please contact our 24/7 support team by email or through the Client Portal.

  • All services on an account must be canceled before cancelling that account.

  • If you have multiple services, each individual service requires a separate cancellation request.

  • If the service is bound by contract, you cannot request cancellation until the contract expires.

  • A service will remain active until a cancellation request has been submitted and a cancellation date has been assigned to that service.

  • If you are Nexcess Cloud client and your service currently uses a dev environment, you must delete that environment before you can cancel that service. See Step 7 of How to create dev sites in Nexcess Cloud for more information.


ATTENTION: If you are attempting to cancel a SSL certificate, see instead How to cancel a SSL certificate.

If you have overdue invoices for the service you wish to cancel, the option to cancel will be unavailable. For more information, refer to How to view account invoices, How to pay an invoice with a credit card, and How to pay invoices with PayPal.

  1. Log in to the Client Portal. From the dashboard, find the plan that you wish to cancel.
  1. From the menu toggle, click Request Cancellation

  2. You will now see the Service Cancellation Form. Complete all fields, then click SUBMIT. If you change your mind before we cancel that service, you may undo your cancellation request by following the instructions provided in How to undo cancellation requests.

For assistance, contact our billing team, available Monday–Friday, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., eastern time (ET).

Jason Dobry