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We’re Sponsoring Meet Magento Netherlands, One Of Europe’s Leading Magento Community Events

May 10, 2016

We’re happy to announce our Platinum sponsorship of Meet Magento NL, and the attendance of several of our Magento eCommerce hosting experts, two of whom will be giving in-depth talks packed with practical information to help Magento retailers improve both the security and performance of their stores.

One of our favorite parts of being an active member of the Magento eCommerce community is meeting with eCommerce merchants, Magento developers, and other Magento service providers. That’s why we’re always happy to contribute to Magento-focused community events like Meet Magento Netherlands, one of the biggest and most vibrant Magento community gatherings in Europe.

Meet Magento NL will take place on the 12th and 13th of May at the Media Plaza of the Jaarbeurs Event Venue in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It’s a great venue, close to the center of Utrecht, a stunning city of canals and townhouses with a long history, not least as a leading European center of trade and commerce.

Meet Magento Netherlands is a great opportunity for everyone in the Magento community to meet and to learn from Magento experts, developers, retailers, and service providers. The conference includes talks on topics ranging from eCommerce security to content marketing for eCommerce merchants, and from Magento development to the app economy.

Nexcess VP of Channel Sales Jerry Eadeh will speak about the Twelve Habits Of Highly Secure Magento Merchants, discussing best practices for Magento eCommerce Security. Aric Watson, a web developer at Nexcess, will give a talk entitled Get Up To Speed With Varnish, a deep dive into using the Varnish caching reverse proxy to improve Magento performance.

One of the highlights of MMNL is the hackathon that will take place at a nearby venue on Saturday May 14. Developers will be asked to contribute ideas for modules, and the best ideas will be worked on during the day. The hackathon will finish with presentations and pizza. There are only 50 spots available, so make sure to reserve yours early.

As always, our team will be more than happy to talk to MMNL attendees about how our performance-optimized Magento hosting platform can help eCommerce merchants build fast, secure stores. We’re also excited to talk about any of our open source projects, including the Turpentine Varnish integration extension; Sentry, a Magento two-factor authentication extension; and Alarmbell, our recently released Magento security extension.


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