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Unhide Magento Connect Extension Keys Without Logging In

July 26, 2011

Unhide Magento Connect Extension Keys Without Loggin In
When you’re working on your store and trying to get something important done, momentum matters a lot, and anything that interrupts your workflow can really get you out of the zone. I find that this happens to me a lot when I just want to take a free Magento Connect extension for a spin. Normally, you have to log in to MagentoCommerce.com, and I tend to forget my username and password for sites, so I’ll end up resetting my password, waiting for the password reset e-mail…you know the drill. I quickly tired of this and decided to see if the extension key was just hidden in the source code. Sure enough, it was right there in plaintext!


This discovery prompted some tinkering in the Javascript console:
document.getElementById("actkey").type = "none";
And just like that, the textbox containing our extension key became visible right nelow the “Get Extension Key” button.
With a bit more work, I formed this into a GreaseMonkey script, which means I don’t even have to pull out the JS console when I want another extension or, or remember the element ID of that textbox. Install it and it’ll automatically unhide all the extension keys for every free extension on magentocommerce.com.


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