July 22, 2016

Nomad MageGood developers never stop learning.

The best way to keep learning is to stay active within the community, and one of the best ways is Nomad Mage, a virtual user group for Magento developers, by Magento developers.

With monthly online webinars, Nomad Mage gives expert developers a way to share their expertise. While these webinars shouldn’t replace your local user group, it offers an easy way to mine the best talent for expand your knowledge your reach into the international development community.

Take, for example, two upcoming events, both of which can be watched live or downloaded later:

Though these sessions are not free, this á la carte format thrived at Nomad PHP under the guidance of Cal Evans, who enjoys over 30k Twitter followers at @NomadPHP. Both Nomad PHP and Nomad Mage pay their expert speakers a portion of all revenue.

The cost is $50 per session or $329 per year, but since we want to spread the word about this wonderful resource, we are offering 3 free tickets. To take part in our raffle, tweet #nomadmage and mention @nexcess and @noadmage.

While you’re at it, register for the free monthly Nomad Mage newsletter to help keep you current on the latest breaking Magento development news and trends.

For questions or comments, contact the NomadMage team on Twitter or with their contact form at nomadmage.com. Join them for the next session and keep your lifelong-learning habit alive and kicking!

Miguel Balparda
Miguel Balparda

Who is Miguel? If you’re part of the Magento community, chances are you already know. As a Magento Master and open source Community Maintainer, Miguel can be found traveling the world imparting his Magento wisdom at events and approving pull requests everywhere else.

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