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Nexcess Quadruples Storage to 600 GB on Dedicated Magento Hosting

July 25, 2012

Nexcess Quadruples Storage to 600 GB on Dedicated Magento Hosting
Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 23,  2012 – Nexcess, a leading provider of premium Magento hosting services, has announced that it will be quadrupling the storage space on its SIP 400 and SIP 500 dedicated Magento servers and Magento cluster offerings from 150 GB to 600 GB of RAID 10 15,000 RPM SAS storage, with no increase in price.
Nexcess’ high-end dedicated Magento SIP servers currently house a set of four 73GB 15k SAS drives in a RAID 10 configuration. The new hardware setup will quadruple the size of these drives, giving businesses a huge increase in the space available for their eCommerce hosting. Nexcess dedicated servers are among the best in the business, and are highly optimized for hosting the hugely popular Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise eCommerce Platform.

“Nexcess is all about offering our clients the best possible hardware for running their mission-critical eCommerce software, “ commented Nexcess President and CEO, Chris Wells, “A quadrupling of available drive space for our SIP 400+ servers will allow our clients to scale smoothly as their business grows, without having to worry about storage constraints for the foreseeable future. We see this move as part of our commitment to giving clients what they need, and so we’ll be keeping the prices as they are.”
Magento SIP 400+ dedicated servers are also equipped with 24 GB of DDR2-FBDIMM 667Mhz memory and a pair of Quad Core Intel E5620 or Hex Core Intel E5650 processors. The new drives are controlled by a battery-backed SAS Raid controller with a 256MB write cache. Each server runs on a secured version of the CentOS Linux operating system with a speed- and security-optimized Advanced Policy Firewall. They are connected via enterprise-level Cisco Catalyst 6500 series network equipment to a fully-burstable 1000BaseT Uplink.
With this newest iteration of their dedicated hosting packages, Nexcess continue to strive to be the best choice for businesses engaged in large-scale eCommerce projects.
About Nexcess
Nexcess is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based managed hosting company founded in 2000, with wholly-owned data centers located in Dearborn and Southfield, Michigan. Nexcess offers a variety of hosting services ranging from entry-level packages to custom clustered/complex hosting configurations, with an emphasis on mission-critical hosting for high-profile eCommerce websites. For more information, please visit http://www.nexcess.net.


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