February 20, 2011

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New offering will bring dramatically improved web performance to Nexcess customer sites

ANN ARBOR, MI – FEBRUARY 21, 2011 – Nexcess, a leading provider of managed web hosting and e-commerce hosting services, today announced the availability of high-quality content delivery network (CDN) services to its hosting customers. The CDN services are powered by EdgeCast, one of the industry’s best-performing content delivery networks.

The Nexcess CDN service is designed to significantly improve website performance by reducing physical distance, and in turn, latency, between the server and end user. It also reduces the distance from a network topology standpoint, ensuring that content requested by end users is always served by the server that will perform best for that user.

Customers of the Nexcess CDN should see improved global performance over traditional web hosting thanks to the delivery of static user content from servers in 19 points of presence, distributed between North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

“We feel that our customers will see significant benefits in leveraging the advantages of CDN hosting for their static content,” commented Chris Wells, President & CEO of Nexcess. “As time goes on, the web is becoming less forgiving of slow websites, and studies have repeatedly proven that end users gravitate towards content with the fastest load times.”

In addition to performance improvements seen directly in the user experience, customers of the Nexcess content delivery network should experience a number of other advantages over traditional hosting. This includes decreased load on servers that host dynamic content, and improved rankings with search engines such as Google, which has specifically cited site performance as a factor in calculating a site’s ranking.

For more information on the Nexcess CDN, visit https://www.nexcess.net/content-delivery-network


About Nexcess

Nexcess is an Ann Arbor, MI-based managed hosting company founded in 2000, with wholly-owned data centers located in Dearborn, MI and Southfield, MI (opening Q3/2011). Nexcess offers a variety of hosting services ranging from entry-level packages to specially-catered clustered/complex configurations, with an emphasis on mission-critical hosting for high-profile and ecommerce sites. For more information, visit http://www.nexcess.net or call 866.639.2377.

About EdgeCast

Delivering any data, anywhere, anytime, EdgeCast is the world’s fastest, most reliable content delivery network. To learn more, visit: http://www.edgecast.com.


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