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Meet Magento Brazil 2015 Recap

October 09, 2015

StoryformOn October 5, Nexcess assisted and sponsored Meet Magento Brazil, one of the largest Magento events in South America. Our Sales and Community Development Teams connected with local merchants and developers eager to learn about our trajectory into the Brazilian market.

Carlos Hix, Director of GHX Consulting, opened the day by speaking on the current state of Brazilian eCommerce and highlighted how the community could contribute to its continuing expansion and success.

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As the morning pressed on, we were treated to Magento Evangelist Ben Mark’s presentation on Magento 2 and his roguish flip-flops, and e-smart Analyst and Developer Tiago Sampaio spoke on how to use Magento to succeed in the marketplace.

Magazine Layouts Source: official event twitter @meetmagentobr

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The morning sessions left us hungry, but an invigorating Brazilian lunch of meat, cheese, rice, and watermelon juice, we were ready for more. Miguel Balparda, Senior Magento Developer for Nexcess, presented “Maintaining an Open Source Project,” detailing his work with the Magento extension, Turpentine.

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Around 6 p.m., after Carlos was kind enough to thank everyone for their assistance, we headed to a Brazilian steakhouse, where our own Josh Ward ambushed us with his version of the local cuisine. We can neither confirm nor deny the consumption of delicious, refreshing, and scandalous caipirinha.

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Overall, the conference was a success, and we treasure the opportunity to get to know our customers and listen to their feedback. Thank you to everyone for their compliments as well as their suggestions, and we look forward to exciting growth with this thriving community!

Finally, we want to thank Carlos and Karin Hix for organizing this amazing event. Keep them coming and see you next year!

Miguel Balparda
Miguel Balparda

Who is Miguel? If you’re part of the Magento community, chances are you already know. As a Magento Master and open source Community Maintainer, Miguel can be found traveling the world imparting his Magento wisdom at events and approving pull requests everywhere else.