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Cart Abandonment: Getting the Most Out of Jilt for WooCommerce

Cart Abandonment: Getting the Most Out of Jilt for WooCommerce
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My daughter has been sick recently (she’s doing much better now) so I have been spending a lot of time between doctors appointments and even a trip to the peds ER. Scary as a parent for sure! But while I was there, I did what a lot of people do in these situations: I pulled out my phone to browse social media.

We do this “bored browsing” all the time. We pull our phones out while we’re waiting at a stop light, waiting to pick our kid up at school, or waiting in line at the airport. We spend a lot of time on our phones. Sometimes aimlessly searching for things, other times looking at social media.

One thing I often find myself doing during these times is looking at products I didn’t know I needed or didn’t know existed. And guess what? During these times, I add many things to various carts and then simply forget about them. There are numerous reasons I forget about these products, and they not always the same reason.

For example, I could have received another alert on my phone … or maybe I was able to board my plane. In my case, the doctor came into the room and I needed to put my attention to the pressing matter at hand.

Here’s the problem though: somewhere along the way, I never completed the purchase. I simply left my cart and didn’t go back.

This happens all too often in the eCommerce world.

Cart Abandonment

This same behavior is what you see as a store owner everyday. Your customers come to your site, add products to their cart and then don’t check out. Now I’m not going to sugar coat it and say that every abandoned cart is similar to my situation. But statistics show that an eCommerce store typically has a cart abandonment rate of almost 70%. That means that out of every 4 shoppers on your site, around 3 of them are adding products to their cart, but leaving before they complete the purchase.

Hearing that statistic as a store owner is probably a bit alarming.

So what can we do about it? How can we recover some of those lost carts and convert those visitors into paying customers?

Thankfully others have seen this problem, and have built tools to help you recover those abandoned carts.

Jilt for WooCommerce

Jilt is a cart abandonment service that connects to your WooCommerce store and immediately starts working to recover lost revenue. With features that help you succeed, Jilt is designed for store owners to quickly start recovering revenue with ease.

Like any service that you use for the first time, you want to make sure you are using all of the available features. Understanding everything that you can do with Jilt and WooCommerce can help you succeed.

Here are some of the most important features you need to be on the lookout for.

Setting Up Your First Campaign

Once you have Jilt installed, you are ready to begin setting up your first campaign! Jilt gives you a very nice onboarding experience by walking you through the types of campaigns you can set up. Since we’re primarily talking about cart abandonment, that’s the type of campaign we’re going to be setting up next. But you should note that you can set up a purchase completion campaign as well.

Purchase completion campaigns are great if you want to educate your customers after they have purchased something from you.

Cart Recovery Campaign

What I love about Jilt is they have taken time to help you set up your account the right way. So one thing you’ll notice about the cart recovery campaign is that by default they implement a three-email campaign that is based on cart recovery best practices. Not only do they set up the campaign (like when the emails go out), but they also set up each individual email.

jilt cart recovery

This is huge.
As a store owner, I don’t want to have to think about what I need to write in these emails. Jilt makes it easy for you by providing you with a pre-populated text. All you need to do next is set up a couple of personalization settings, like upload your logo.

jilt added features

If you are familiar with editing in other email marketing applications, you can quickly get familiar with Jilt’s interface. The integration between Jilt and WooCommerce gives you some added features. If you wanted to create a coupon for products in order to get your customers to come back and purchase, you can add a coupon (Discount code) right inside of Jilt.

jilt settings

Once you have finished configuring your cart recovery emails, and you are ready to make the campaign live, just flip the switch and your campaign will be live.

Added Bonuses

Now that you have set up your first cart recovery campaign and it is live, it is time to learn more about Jilt and how it can really help you with maximizing your sales.

Setting Up Branding

jilt brand settings

Jilt allows you to set up your brand on one simple page. Upload your logo, select your primary color, and even add your social media profiles. If you take a few moments to set these up, you’ll be able to use them at-will throughout your email creation process.

These are small personal touches that help your brand stick out, especially when your visitors left something in the cart already.

Setting Up Discounts

jilt new discount setup

When I’m setting up a store for a customer, one thing I like to do is set up a couple of coupons that only get used within a cart recovery campaign. Jilt makes this super simple.

Under the Discounts menu item, you can set up any type of coupon you want to offer your customers. You can include discounts like free shipping, or a percent/fixed amount off. Using discounts in your cart recovery campaigns can be really helpful at last ditch efforts at closing those carts.

Setting Up A Purchase Completion Campaign

jilt post purchase email campaign

Have you ever purchased a product or server and started receiving a series of emails? I have on many occasions. I’ve always referenced them as Post Purchase email campaigns. These are great at getting feedback from your customers, educating them on the product they just bought and more. Jilt allows you to set up purchase completion campaigns.

I love that Jilt tries to implement best practice campaigns. The default purchase completion campaign though is better geared towards selling physical products. It’s a two email campaign. One thanking your customer for their recent purchase. The second asking if they are happy with the product.

As a store owner selling physical products, this works out great. And getting feedback about your physical products is good to have, especially if you need to inspect the various parts of your company (shipping, sales, marketing, etc.).

Wrapping Up

Adding new services to your site can be a bit scary. And making sure that you get everything you can out of them is something that can take time.

But when you find a service that can help increase your bottom line, you want to do everything you can to make sure you are making use of all the features you can to help your business grow.New Call-to-action