Content Delivery Network Improve your site's speed by bringing the content closer to your users.

Content Delivery Network Improve your site's speed by bringing the content closer to your users.

Speed up your site easily and instantly with our global Content Delivery Network (CDN), and at the same time, ease server load, and improve your search engine placement. We've partnered with EdgeCast, the leader in global content delivery to bring you a simple and affordable content delivery solution.

Improve Search Engine Placement

Google and other search engines are now taking site speed into account when ranking your site. Using a Content Delivery Network will help not only your in-person visitors but will also help search crawlers see faster loads, which can translate directly into a better overall search placement.

CDN 250

$ 25.00 (USD)/MO

  • 250 GB Traffic

CDN 500

$ 47.50 (USD)/MO

  • 500 GB Traffic

CDN 1500

$ 145.00 (USD)/MO

  • 1500 GB Traffic

Bandwidth Overage: $0.10(USD)/GB | Asia Bandwidth Overage: $0.45(USD)/GB

An Easy Win

Setting up a CDN with your site is simple and doesn't require the extra step of uploading your content to the CDN. The CDN can monitor the assets served by it direct from the servers in our data centers so you can be up and running in minutes. That said, if you prefer storing assets on the CDN we can arrange that as well.

Rules Engine

$ 47.50 (USD)/MO

  • 10 Rules Pack
  • 1 Billion Hits*

Custom Single
Domain SSL

$ 425.00 (USD)/MO

  • Required 1 Year Contract**

*Overage: $75.00 for each additional 1 Billion hits | ** Setup Fee: $425

Improve Overall Site Performance

The biggest single download footprint of most websites is media. Images, video and other dynamic content can comprise 90% or more of your entire site in terms of bit and bytes transferred. Additionally, other relatively static content like JavaScript files and CSS can slow browser processing down while the browser waits for these instructions to be downloaded.

CDN Locations

  • Data is sent from Client Servers to each CDN
  • Each CDN services the nearest User requests
  • Having closer data ensures faster speeds
  • 20+ CDN Locations throughout the World

Contact Sales

Seattle, WA
San Jose, CA  Los Angeles, CA
Dallas, TX
Chicago, IL
Atlanta, GA  Miami, FL
Washington, DC New York, NY
Madrid, ES
Paris, FR  London, UK  Amsterdam, NL  Frankfurt, DE
Stockholm, SE
Vienna, AT
*Tokyo, JP  *Osaka, JP
*Hong Kong, CN
*Sydney, AU

* Asia Regions are available as an add-on service.

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