Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting

With a Reseller plan, you can provide Web hosting to friends, or even your own clients! This type of plan is also perfect if you simply want to host multiple websites with different users to administrate them. How does it work? Simple! Resources allocated to your account can be split among as many smaller accounts as you'd like. As owner of a reseller hosting account, you are given administrative access to the InterWorx control panel, which allows you to create and manage a number of your own hosting accounts (the number of accounts depends on the reseller hosting package you choose). Each hosting account that you create exists separate from one another on the server, but all remain within your reseller account.

Reseller Hosting Plans Add a dedicated IP to any Reseller account for only $5 (USD) a month.

RH 100

$ 18.95 (USD)/MO Annually or $24.95 (USD) Billed monthly

  • 20 GB Disc Space
  • 100 GB/mo Data Usage
  • 30 SiteWorx Accounts
  • Dedi IP for only $5 (USD) /mo

RH 200

$ 30.95 (USD)/MO Annually or $39.95 (USD) Billed monthly

  • 30 GB Disc Space
  • 200 GB/mo Data Usage
  • 60 SiteWorx Accounts
  • Dedi IP for only $5 (USD) /mo

RH 300

$ 48.95 (USD)/MO Annually or $54.95 (USD) Billed monthly

  • 50 GB Disc Space
  • 300 GB/mo Data Usage
  • 100 SiteWorx Accounts
  • Dedi IP for only $5 (USD) /mo

RH 400

$ 60.95 (USD)/MO Annually or $69.95 (USD) Billed monthly

  • 75 GB Disc Space
  • 400 GB/mo Data Usage
  • Unlimited SiteWorx Accounts
  • Dedi IP for only $5 (USD) /mo

Thirty Day Guarantee

We back up every Shared, Reseller, shared Magento hosting, WordPress hosting and ExpressionEngine hosting account with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Free Site Migration

Our highly trained staff can move your website no matter what control panel or account access you have on your former host.

Shared Hosting

Just getting started? Our shared hosting accounts have what you need. The longer the term - the more you save!

Reseller Hosting Features

Shared hosting plans can support multiple domain names per account. All account resources (disk space, mailboxes, etc) must be shared across all domains used for the account. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

SSH access available
CGI, Perl, PHP 5, MySQL 5
Ruby on Rails
Server side includes (SSI)
GD Library
Python 2.6 with mod_wsgi
.htaccess support
APC, eAccelerator
Subversion, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar
Spam & virus filtering
POP & IMAP access
Secure POP, IMAP, SMTP support
Web-based access
Secure POP, IMAP, SMTP support
Secure FTP/SSL (Auth)
Idera backups, with client access
Real Media streaming
Windows media HTTP streaming
mp3 streaming

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Our customers have given us an average rating of 5 out of 5 at CustomerLobby - with over 300 reviews, and more coming in all the time!