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Sales Performance Monitor by Nexcess

June 09, 2021

Oftentimes, merchants are unaware when their online store is experiencing degraded services. Most alerting systems will tell a merchant when their entire site is down.  

The problem is that they aren’t able to inform the Merchant when their store sales are slowing down or experiencing an abnormal trend that's impacting transactions, such as:

  • Site has gotten really really slow 

  • Payment gateway is not working and deals have slowed

  • Inventory notification is not working

So if you are only being notified when a store is down, you are missing all the other times that a store may not be selling but still alive.  

Enter: Sales Performance Monitor

Nexcess’ Sales Performance Monitor will watch your sales on the backend and measure them against a predicted model based on your site’s historical performance on a daily and weekly basis. 

When your store’s sales are slowing down or disappearing in a way that is “abnormal” to your specific store’s trends, the monitor will alert you.  

Alerts will be delivered to the WooCommerce inbox and emails will be sent to the store’s Admin(s).

How To Get Started

Nexcess’ Sales Performance Monitor is offered as a feature on all of our Managed WooCommerce plans at no additional cost and is only available through the Nexcess Installer. 

To install it, you simply need to click the box in the Nexcess Installer, which is accessible from the top left menu in your WordPress dashboard.

To begin using it, you will need to activate the Sales Performance Monitor on your site and the plugin will calculate the initial benchmark data. We recommend having a minimum of 8 weeks of data for best results.  

For 24-hour assistance any day of the year, contact our support team by email or through your Client Portal.

Jessica Frick