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January 02, 2021

2020: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

‘Twas a year with great challenges of many, many kinds

Nothing was easy and it affected our minds

Everything we knew came grinding to a halt

our frustration was palpable, even though it was no one’s fault

Our children had to stay home, and stop going to school 

No more playdates, no more mall visits, none of it was cool

We all took to Zoom as we were no longer on jets

We got to know our colleagues’ families, design taste and pets

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into a year

Even resiliency has its limits and we’ve grown tired of living in fear

So what should we be grateful for as 2020 concludes?

The can-do spirit within all of us that helps lift our moods

So give thanks to the Scientists, Dolly Parton, and Dr. Fauci

The vaccine will help us turn the corner with just a quick ouchy

Thanks to first responders who continue to show

What true selflessness is despite a dangerous foe

Thanks to essential workers stocking shelves and disinfecting floors 

And to delivery people dropping off bags at front doors

Thanks to our mailers and shippers for helping ecommerce shine

And our clients who trust us to keep them online 

Thanks to my teammates at Nexcess who didn’t miss a beat

Keeping sites and stores up is not an easy feat 

But we love what we do and we’ve been doing it awhile

I look forward to seeing you in person and sharing a smile

So goodbye 2020, I won’t say farewell

It’s been a hard year for all, it hasn’t been swell

Let us all find hope knowing an end to this is in sight

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night.

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Rachel Martin
Rachel is the VP of Marketing at Nexcess and is passionate about ecommerce, mailing, and shipping. She also loves her family, yoga, tea, the beach and her dogs.